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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Review: Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner

Moisture Balancing Conditioner is a dual purpose moisture adjusting product. This smart formula adjusts moisture as needed and works two ways.

As a one-minute rinse out, it boosts moisture levels with essential lipids and proteins. As a leave-in lotion, it provides continuous moisturizing and suppleness to unusually dry hair.

These lipids and fatty acids mimic hair and scalp natural moisture. Squalane, a natural component of hair and scalp moisture is used in this formula to replenish and restore moisture balance (this special ingredient comes from olives). Lipids provide subsurface hydration, optimizing moisture levels and detangle hair to create managability. Hydrolyzed proteins process from natural wheat, lock in moisture to prevent dehydration. For intense moisture treatment, use under dryer for 15-20 minutes (with plastic cap). Or use MicroHeat Cap.

Ingredients: Panax Ginseng root extract, cetraria islandia (Irish Moss) extract, saccharomyces cerevisiea (Brewer's Yeast) extract, Gingko Biloba extract, pimpinella anisum (Anise) fruit extract, prunis persica (Peach) extract in purified water, hexadecanol, stearakonium chloride, certimonium bromide, Squalane (olive oil lipid), Capric Caprillic Triglycerides (coconut fatty acids), Panthenol (pro-vitamin USP), Biotin (USP), imisazolidinyl urea, methylparaben (USP), fragrance


Anybody that knows me knows how much I love my Aubrey Organics conditioners. But honey I’m here to tell you, Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner gives my Aubrey Conditioners a run for the money.

Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner is truly a miracle conditioner. I can cover my entire my head with a very small amount, which is the first miracle. It spreads quickly, provides lots of slip, and gives my hair uber moisture. It also has a foaming property that is hard to describe. The fact that Elucence can be used as a one minute rinse out, deep conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner is an added bonus.

I’ve have now used Elucence a total of four times. The first time I used it in my hair I was able to part my hair with my fingers so easily that it was truly shocking to me. Keep in mind that after my transition, Aubrey HSR was the only conditioner that allowed me to comb through my hair with ease so for me to part my hair with my just my fingers using Elucence was truly a miracle # two.

After three uses, I honestly have to admit that I think I can give up my precious Aubrey (except for use in my homemade spritz). It takes a lot for me to admit that considering that Aubrey is truly my first love. I haven’t yet had time to try Elucence with a heat cap but I am sure that I won't be disappointed.

The only downside to Elucence that I see in my future is that I am not able to get it on the ground. But, if I can get it $20 for a liter with a Naturally Curly discount code I’ll snag at least two at a time to make it worth the cost of shipping.

If are still searching for your holy grail conditioner or a product junkie like most, you HAVE to try this conditioner. If you have thick, dry, natural hair, I promise you that you will not regret trying it.