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Friday, July 25, 2014

Question from a Sistah?

FunkyCurlGurl whom I met on NC.com asked the question "I need a new stocking cap as my other one ripped. Do you think a regular satin cap would work under the wig, or should I try to find another stocking cap? I only ask because finding a new one might be difficult as the beauty supply store where I got the old one is no longer open for business."


As far as the cap, I'd be worrying about the wig sliding if the satin side is up. satin side down sounds like a great idea because that will allow your natural hair to retain the moist moisture. if both sides are satin you'd have to be very creative with some bobby pins to to keep it from slipping. If there is are combs int he front and back of the hairpeice, it will assist with the hold but, you'll probably want to pin the sides so you'd need to be able to get pins through the wig cap. if you don't mind pinning the satin, go for it because satin would offer the most protection for your natural hair.

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