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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Herbs and Oil for Hair Growth

Aloe Vera - promotes new growth of living cells
Avocado - stimulates hair growth
Basil - stimulates hair growth
Calendula (Marigold) - softens hair and scalp and rejevunates skin cells
Chamomile - moisturizes and softens hair
Coltsfoot - helps prevent hair loss; renews and stimulates growth
Castor oil - moisturizes and nourishes hair and scalp; can be used as an emulsifier
soothes scalp and retards hair loss
Dandelion - promotes circulation
Echinacea - regenerates skin cells
Evening Primrose Oil - moisturizes and softens
Garlic - stimulates cell growth; strengthens hair strands, and repairs damaged hair follicles
Ginseng strengthens and repairs protein bonds in hair
Hibicus - emollient; moisturizes and softens hair
Horsetail - stimulates hair growth and repair
Jaborandi - stimulates hair growth
Jojoba - promotes hair growth
Lavender - stimulates the scalp
Neroli Oil - promotes the new growth of skin cells
Nettle - promotes hair growth
Olive Oil - moisturizes and softens dry hair
Peppermint (avoid if pregnant) - improves dry and lifeless hair
Rose Hip - nourishes scalp
Rose Hip Seed Oil - Restores elasticity and strength to the hair; helps prevent hair loss and balding
Rosemary - stimulates hair growth
Shea Butter - moisturizer and softens skin and hair; protects and coats hair strands
Tea Tree Oil - stimulates and irrigates the scalp
Ylang-Ylang - helps blood circulation in the scalp; emollient

Information in this list was pulled from Natural Hair Care and Braiding by Diane Carol Bailey (Published November 12, 1997)

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