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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aloe Vera Hair Care

Hair problem has affected zillions of people all over the world. If you have tried different medications, or natural oils or herbs, give a try to Aloe Vera.It is an excellent and reliable treatment for hair care, and is used by many people across the globe. It contains natural conditioners that make your hair soft, healthy, strong and soft.

There are certain special enzymes in Aloe Vera that make it good for hair care. It has anti-inflammatory properties that keep your hair strong and healthy, and stops hair fall.

Hair Loss and Aloe Vera.

If you are concerned about consistent hair fall, get some Aloe Vera. Apply Aloe Vera gel on your scalp. You are suggested to consult a skin specialist to deal with any side effects of applying this. This stops your hair from falling down as it strengthens your hair. Your hair will get shiny and give the look of healthy as well.

Visit any store and look for any Aloe Vera based shampoos, oils, and conditioners. Read the ingredients carefully, and the instructions on how to apply these. Also, there are different products for different kinds of hair. Select carefully for what kind of product your hair require.

Aloe Vera is beneficial for your hair for many reasons. Not only hat the hair stop falling, or that these get healthy, it is good for your scalp as well. Even media had highlighted its benefits and Aloe Vera products are advertised over different mediums.

However, while purchasing any Aloe Vera based product, read the percentage of ingredients carefully and verify the reputation and credibility of manufacturer. There are many fake companies that run their second grade products in the stores but the products are not good in quality.
Think carefully before deciding anything, and purchase only those products that claim required percentage of Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera and Advantages

A massage of Aloe Vera oil on your scalp increases the blood circulation. It gives you relief and feeling of being fresh by removing the stress and anxiety. Aloe Vera has been particularly used by Native Americans and in South Asia, and you can find more people with healthy hair in these regions of the world.

Aloe Vera and Hair Care

The main constituents of Aloe Vera gel are coconut milk and wheat germ oil, apart from other products in small amounts. You can use this as a shampoo and is an excellent product for our hair problem. It strengthens your hair and prevents hair loss, besides giving shine to your hair.



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  1. I would like to know what is your hair care regime? I know I've had natural hair for almost five years now but I still don't really know what to do with it for far as dryness and breakage goes. I have REALLY kinky hair and I'm just trying to get into a routine where it won't break as easily and grow really long. I'm happy that my hair is past my shoulders when I straighten it but it's thinning and I need help!

  2. Hi NubianJ Queen,

    I'm more that happy to share my routine with you.

    I shampoo with one of several natural shampoo's in my stash. These are Blended Beauty Soy Cream, Jason Natural Red, Swastik Shikakai Shampoo Bar, or Trader Joe's Spa Nourish.

    Next I add Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose conditioner. I detangle with this in and there is nothing in the world as wonderful in my opinion. lol

    I then add Qhemet Biologics detangler, QB Alma/Olive Heavy cream mixed with Olive/ Honey Hydrating Balm. In place of the Qhemet products I once tried applying Giovanni Direct Leave-in under Coconut Oil and it seemed to work just as well. I did get a little acne flair up from the coconut oil but will try it again at a later time to see if the acne flairs up again.

    I then put my hair in big section to air dry with Aloe vera gel.

    Next I go back through my hair with aloe vera gel and put it into smaller twist for two strands or bigger twists for a puff.

    I hope this was helpful.