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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Aryurvedic Hair Care Remedies

* Henna: conditions and strenghtens.

* Shikakai:
promotes hair growth

* Neem:
relieves dry, itchy scalp
widely used in ayurvedic hair oils
Used to treat scalp disorders and psoriasis
gives you shiny, silky, stronger hair
encourages growth.

* Amla:
promotes hair growth
thickens hair
prevents premature graying.

* Methi (fenugreek):
Reduces hair loss, and thinning
Treats dandruff.

* Bhringraj:
improves the condition of the hair
improves quality of hair color
promotes healthy scalp and hair

* Brahmi:
Improves hair growth
Memory enhancer

* Nagarmotha:
Stimulates hair root
Treats scalp disorders

* Ginger:
Increases blood circulation to your scalp
Promotes faster hair growth

* Hibiscus:
Astringent for oily hair
Soothes eczema
Treats dry scalp conditions

Information obtained from http://hennablogspot.com/

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