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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trendy Tee'z Giveaway!

Dymesha Wheeler, the owner of Trendy Tee'z has graciously volunteered to host a giveaway.

The winner will receive one Trendy Tee of choice out of eight wonderful options.

The two lines currently available are the Afro Diva and the Natural Beauty.

The Afro Diva Tee and Tank are available in your choice of black with a silver image, black with a gold image, white with gold image

The new Natural Beauty Tee is available in white with a black image or white with a brown image.

All of the Trendy Tee'z are beautiful and classy as you can see from the images below.

To enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment below stating the "FIVE THINGS A NATURAL MUST DO TO HAVE HEALTHY NATURAL HAIR". You must be a follower of the blog to qualify. Entries must be received by Friday August 7th at 11:59 pm to qualify for the giveaway. I have asked Dymesha to select the winner.

If you wish to purchase a Trendy Tee'z tee or tank, contact Dymesha directly at dwheeler013@yahoo.com. Visit the Trendy Tee'z blog at http://trendyteez.blogspot.com/. Trendy Tee'z online Etsy store will be opening in the near future.

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  1. 5 Things A Natural Must Do To Have Healthy Natural Hair

    1) Moisturize daily or as needed. Our hair is dry and needs that moisture so give it to it!

    2) Condition your hair at least once a week if you can. Natural hair tends to be dry and craves moisture and oils to smooth out the strands. Conditioning also aides in a more positive detangling experience. Aha!

    3) Find some fun protective hairs that you like to give your hair a break every now and again.

    4) Be gentle with our hair. I know it looks like it's tough as nails and can withstand the test of time but it's actually fragile. So we need to be gentle and have patience when styling, detangling especially, and washing our hair.

    5) Love your hair! That's a big part of it keeping it healthy. If you love it, you're more inclined to pamper and treat it like diamonds

  2. #3 should say: Find some fun protective hairSTLYES that you like to give your hair a break every now and again.

  3. How Fun!! Here are my 5 top healthy hair tips for natural hair:

    1. Co-wash and stop using shampoo that contains sulfites.

    2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Pay special attention to the ends of your hair. Coconut oil and shea butter work great for me.

    3. Be very gentle when combing wet hair. Be sure to use a very wide tooth plastic comb.

    4. Use a silk or satin scarf and a satin pillowcase while sleeping to avoid breakage. Cotton pillowcases can pull hair and cause friction thus making the hair break off.

    5. And finally, eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins, drink plenty of water, and take a good multi-vitamin that contains biotin. Hydrate from the inside out!

    Good luck to everyone and I hope all of these pointers will help someone with their hair routine.

  4. 1. Commit yourself to learn about natural hair in every sense from its past, present and future.

    2. Commit yourself to your hair and begin to view your hair as normal. Yes simply normal, no different than poker straight hair would be on a Chinese lady.

    3. Question every single piece of advice you are given about hair. Make decisions on the basis of how YOUR hair responds.

    4. Be sensible about growth, don't expect 5 inches in 5 days.

    5. Coconut oil, coconut oil, coconut oil :)


  5. 5 Things a Natural must do to Maintain healthy hair:

    1. Work WITH your hair. Stop trying to make it do what it doesn't want to do. That includes trying to materialize coils that just don't exist in your cottony soft hair. Work with what you got.

    2. Find a moisturizing treatment that works for you. Sometimes it's cheap conditioner, sometimes it's shea butter and castor oil. The key is to find what YOUR hair likes.

    3. Treat your body right. A healthy lifestyle is important for all of us. And you'll find that once you start treating your body right by eating nutritious foods, drinking plenty water, and staying active, your hair will thank you with stronger strands that retain length better.

    4. A supportive friend. Nothing beats having a supporting person to talk to when we get frustrated or just don't know what to do with our hair. It's vital in keeping positive and focused on our healthy hair goals. While we should be our biggest cheerleader, it certainly helps to have an understanding friend along the way.

    5. Protect your hair at all times. That includes wearing a satin or silk scarf/bonnet to bed. It also includes protecting our hair from the elements (heat, cold) by rocking protective styles or crowns that give our hair some cover.

    I hope this offers some info for someone. It's hard to narrow it down into 5 tips since there is so much more we can do.



    1) Love your hair and accept the fact that it's unique AND that it was made especially for you.

    2) Keep your product selection simple. You dont need everything marketed for natural hair in order to have presentable hair.

    3) Pay special attention to your ends since they are the oldest part of your hair strands and have been manipulated the most.

    4) Do NOT comb natural hair if it is dry!

    5) MOISTURIZE! It will help combat unwanted breakage, split ends and tangles.

    I hope that this list helps someone! Enjoy your natural hair :)

  7. 5 Tips

    1) Read all that you can about transitioning to natural hair and maintaining natural hair prior to doing so, (i.e., join yahoo groups, read natural blogs, read natural hair care books, etc). You will be better equipped for sporting your natural tresses if you do so.

    2) Get to know your hair, whether that means determining your hair type or just experimenting with different products to find out what works best for you. Do not expect your hair to look the same as any other natural's hair, even a natural who seems to have the same "hair type" as you. Natural hair is unique and it is important to learn what works best for your hair.

    3) Wear protective styles, especially in cold climates. Though natural hair appears to be strong, it is quite fragile. Cold weather increases the susceptibility of natural hair to break.

    4) Trim your hair as needed, usually every 4 to 6 months. Since it is possible to camouflage the different hair lengths that exist on a natural head of hair, it isn't necessary to trim natural hair for style (unless that is what you're going for). Rather, it is important to trim the ends of natural hair to get rid of split ends and to prevent further damage.

    5) Moisturize, oil and condition your hair on a regular basis. Natural hair is extremely dry and some types of natural hair are drier than others. A good method to follow is to apply a moisturizing product to your hair and then apply an oil to seal the moisture in one's hair. Natural hair should be conditioned at least once per week.

    I hope that someone finds these tips useful. Good luck to everyone!

  8. Wonderful!

    1. First things first… Educate yourself about natural hair. There are more natural hair care sites, blogs, products, etc. out there now than before. Find out what your hair likes and dislikes. Everyone’s head of hair is different.

    2. Only detangle and comb your hair when it is wet with conditioner or a product that gives great slip.

    3. Moisturize your hair from the inside out. Hydrate yourself with water and use it as a topical moisturizer for your hair. Water is the best moisturizer out there so find yourself a recipe for a spritz that you can perhaps make yourself. Use it to moisturize your hair in whatever state it is in. Feed your hair.

    4. Wear protective styles when the weather isn’t friendly and to preserve your ends. During the winter and summer months, our hair can experience extreme conditions.

    5. Maintain a healthy scalp. Frequent yourself with scalp massages. You can use a few drops of Rosemary Essential Oil in a small spray bottle with water to stimulate you’re your hair follicles as well as blood circulation. Keep your scalp clean and make sure to let you scalp breathe from time to time.

  9. In no particular order...

    1. Eat healthy and exercise (healthy hair starts from healthy living)
    2. Moisturize (water is your hair's best friend). Use it! Find a good moisturizing leave-in conditioner.
    3. Seal in that moisture (a good oil or butter will do the trick) and also protect your hair from the harsh elements as you would do for your skin
    4. Do your research, join a hair care forum and solicit the blogs and figure out what works for you ...remember no 2 heads are alike
    5. Do you and love it!

  10. These designs R Beautiful I support the concept 100% (i'm going to go check the site )


    -Embrace the hair you were born with- after all its a blessing from god

    - research the care of natural hair - then follow those with similar texture to your own - to give you an idea 0f where to start

    - Always protect your hair at night - sleep with a satin bonnet- scarf or satin pillow case The choice is yours.

    - less is more, condition, moisturize and seal thats all it takes (making sure you stay away from harsh chemicals SLS, mineral oil "vaseline" and so forth

    - Protective styles is your friend. Never wear your hair loose 24/7. if u must do so always put it a protective style at night.


    1. A natural must research and learn about taking care of natural hair. If you don't want to read books, you can do like I did and watch youtube vids and join hair care sites, like naturallycurly.com.

    2. Once you've learned what to expect, you should start eating healthier, drinking a lot of water, working out, and you can even start taking multivitamins.

    3. One word: Moisturize! So many benefits and your hair will love you!

    4. Protective Hairstyles. It really helps the hair to flourish. Especially for ppl who like to touch & play with their hair (like me).

    5. Enjoy the ride. Many naturals are obsessed with length, instead of enjoying the hair they have now.

  12. wow those shirts are soo cool i want one lol

  13. S.C.O.S.S.
    1. SHAMPOO (clear shampoo is best to avoid build up)
    2. CONDITION - creamy is good
    3. OIL (100% olive oil)
    5. STYLE in favorite style and love it!

  14. 1. Be patient and don't give up.
    2. Make water your best friend. It's the best moisturizer.
    3. Condition and deep condition.
    4. Eat healthy and exercise.
    5. Research, research, research to find what works best for your hair.