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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Donna Marie Lock & Twist Pudding

Beauty by Donna Marie

You asked for it, and its here! This pudding cream is perfect for making silky, soft locks and twists. The Lock & Twist pudding provides enough hold to mold your locks and twists as well as super conditioning and moisturizing elements that help keep your hair shiny and soft.


mineral oil-free

Phtalates free

Ingredients: Deionized water, aloe vera gel, carbomer, kokum butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, glycerin, flax seed gel extract, hibiscus extract, carrot seed extract, burdock root extract, agave nectar extract, silver citrate, potassium sorbate and natural fragrance.


This is my new favorite product for two-strand twisting. It contains my favorite products all combined into one. My hair thrives on aloe vera gel, butters, oil, glycerine.

I apply the product to small sections of hair concentrating on the roots and ends when two strand twisting. It provides a strong hold but it not at all drying.

I've gotten the best results of a twist set ever. I'm usually frizzy by day three but I have been able to keep twists in for five days and the majority still look fresh.

I tie them down and night and let shower steam and spritz plump them in the morning.

I'm hoping to make it until Friday with this set of twists.

If a product can help my twist to last eleven days, I'm a fan for life.

The product is all natural and the list of ingredients used are easy to obtain from the Donna Marie web site.

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  1. I agree!! I had the best twist out after using this...and I quickly reordered once they restocked, I'm hoping other products from their line work just as well;-)