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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Top Five Waysto Achieve Healthy Natural Hair by Diane Da Costa

What are the top five ways to achieve healthy natural hair?

* Always shampoo and condition with a hydrating or moisturizing system. Locs and braids require a cleansing or detoxifying shampoo first, then follow up with a hydrating shampoo. Try a steam herbal conditioning treatment at least once a month. Relaxer shampoo and conditioning systems generally contain too much protein to soften natural hair and are really not the best, unless they are botanical in nature. Natural hair thirst for moisture and humectants.

* Never comb through your tresses while completely dry. Always mist with water first, then apply a light leave-in-conditioner or mist like, Tai Texture Lavender Mist or Jane Carters Solution Revitalizing Leave-in-conditioner.

* Always use a wide tooth wooden or hard plastic comb to dangle and style. This is one of the number one reasons why natural hair breaks--combing through with a fine tooth comb. Remember NATURAL does not mean maintenance free. You still have to comb through your hair at least by using your hands as a claw comb or tool.

* Try to schedule a cut or shaping at least every 2 - 3 month. Curly hair can be very tricky!! Most times you can't recognize split ends until you have around 2 inches of damaged hair. Any time you are combing your mane from root to ends and you notice the comb struggling to easily pass through the hair strands, then you have split ends and they must go. If not, they will continue to ride up the hair shaft creating more damage. Don't wait until the last minute to handle this matter.

* Protect your tresses at night with a silk or satin scarf, satin pillow case or a satin pillow. For natural set styles, especially twisted out styles, always wear a shower cap in the bath or shower and use your hands, not a comb to style your perfectly spiral curly look. Combs and picks will ultimately disturb the curl pattern of the fresh set.


  1. this is great info! i just recently stopped using a comb in my hair, and noticed fewer split ends.