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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Many Uses of Herbs for Hair

By Reesa babe'

Many of us will always have issues with our hair. As the Golden Book says "your hair is your beauty" and many of us truly believe that. We spend thousand of dollars per year on products and services that promise to improve the look and texture of our hair. Many times we attempt to grow it out while other times we cut it off, it's a never ending cycle with hair.

Herbs have been used in hair and on the body for the past 500 hundred years. Before there were perfume, people would use herbs to disguise the "stink" odor on those that had not bathe for months. Since it was the norm to not bathe more than twice per year.

Herbs use was as a medical remedy, it was used for everything from A to Z. The persons administering these herbs were once classified as witch doctors. In our modern day herbs are the norm to use and are being used as herbal remedies taken orally or topically. The urge or the need comes from the over use of chemical sand the effects-it as had on society.There are various herbs that are used to combat certain issues .

I will name some in the category in which the work to accomplish the goal that's needed.

Oily hair is the over production of oil, produced by the glands. It protects your hair from breakage and keep your scalp in good condition. However, not everyone likes their hair stringy and looking dirty.

Peppermint,bergemont,witch hazel, basil,rosemary, thyme and lemon grass.

Hair growth is what most women thrive to achieve when caring for their hair. This is possible with the right treatments and the right proceeder's.

Camphor, nettle, sage,lavender,aloe Vera,dandelion and colts foot.

Astringents use to clean the scalp with irritations such as fungal infection, eczema or oily scalp.

Rosemary, tea tree,nettle, sage, peppermint, chamomile, lavender and lemon juice(not a herb but very important)

Hair loss is the most feared occurrence in both male nd female and can be caused by many factors including diseases, not taking proper care of your hair and genetics.

Kelp, nettle, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Moisturizer is any concoction use to add moisture or add hydration to the hair.

Comfrey, chamomile, basil, and lecithin. Use avocado oil, Shea butter or almond with the infused herbs to create a moisturizer.

All these herbs must be infused individually and mix no more than two or three to make hair tonic, it should be left in the hair.

Use Cosmetic herb for skin care, hair care, beauty care and toiletries.
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  1. I was JUST in the health food store looking through the herb section. Thanks for this!