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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beware: Three Grades of Glycerin

Information was provided by natlfro on yahoo.com on Mon May 26, 2008 10:50 am (PDT)

Please be aware that there are 3 grades of glycerin.

Food "vegetable" glycerin

USP glycerin

Technical glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is chosen solely by some as it is made from a vegetable base and is used internally by some.

Plain usp glycerin is produced synthetically and uses petro chemicals and can be purchased from any local pharmacy very cheaply.

Technical grade glycerin is produced from three different processes and mainly unregulated.

Although usp glycerin is safe and is in tons of consumer products, it
is distinct from vegetable glycerin. If your product does not
specify 'Vegetable Glycerin' it more than likely is not vegetable

During the past several years, products from China being imported
caused alarm as the news reported that some of these products contained
deadly ingredients.

Below is a link from the FDA where glycerin also is a the list of
suspected substances. Initially products from Panama were suspected
but later traced to Chinese manufacturing. The links below will assist you in making your purchase decisions:.



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