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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Olive Oil

There are some benefits of olive oil for hair. It is greenish in colour due to the small amount of chlorophyll present in the flesh from which the oil is extracted. Olive oil has emollient properties which makes it a perfect choice in hair care. Though it is a little heavy for scalp massage but it can be added in 50/50 concentration with some other base oil like, coconut oil, jojoba oil.

Olive oil is also great for Treating Dandruff and Hair Loss and for Controlling Frizz and Creating Shine. Olive oil does two things for your hair: it increases strength and improves overall flexibility.

The penetration level of olive oil is less as compared to coconut oil since the oil is viscid. To promote, lustrous, shiny, thick and beautiful hair, massage olive oil generously on your scalp and leave it overnight. It also helps clear dandruff and stops hair loss.

You can also use olive oil as a serum, take a small coin sized quantity of this oil in your palm and run it through your hair, it will add shine to hair and make it easy to comb. Olive oil tames frizzy hair, use it at least once a week for smooth and silky hair.

Olive oil is obtained by pressing or crushing fresh olives, this is the only oil which can be consumed as it is. This oil comes in different varieties like virgin oil, extra virgin, pure and light.

Extra virgin olive oil means, oil which is extracted in the first attempt by pressing or crushing olives. It is not subject to heat or cold, the procedure is very natural thus it is called the Extra virgin Olive oil. Of all the variants available in the market, Extra Virgin Olive oil is the best.



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