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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Natural Hair Community Entrepreneur, Sonya of Epiphany Frostings

I first met Sonya on Nappturality. She is another one of my online friends whom I quickly to a liking to as she often came to my fotki hair album to leave the nicest comments.

Sonya radiates a warm spirit in addition to be funny and very personable. She has developed a fabulous line of natural products called Epiphany Frostings that can be used from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Current offerings include:
Aloe Butter Frosting, Mango Butter Frosting, and Muscle Rub. Cocoa Butter Frosting will be offered in the very near future.

You can request a choice of essentials oils in a scented/unscented base.

All products are made using 100% organic ingredients.

Products are currently available in a 2 oz. sample or 4 oz. 8 oz. jars are coming soon and I can't wait.

Be sure to stop by Sonya's Blog A day in the Life of a Bored Nappy. You can also visit her hair album at http://www.fotki.com/diman99.

On to the interview!
What would you like the natural hair community to know about Sonya?

I am one of the coolest, laid back people you could ever meet! I'm a single mother of 1 awesome 10 year old boy. I work full time as a debt collector, and part time as a skiptracer & repo woman. I dont really meet any strangers. Some years back I started saying hello to each and every person I met (because I was really shy), after that I would stop at least 1 person a day to compliment them (ya know, just pay it forward). Since then I think I've become a bit more outgoing and extroverted. I love to see people smile, so I do my best everyday to make that happen!

What motivated you to start your own online retail store?

Well, I went natural August 21, 2007. From that point I became a lot more mindful of how I took care of myself. I frequented several hair boards each and every day for tips and pointers. Everyone was looking for their own "holy grail" product lists, so I would buy as much as I could afford to get perfect hair & skin. I tallied up my receipts and realized that I had spent hundreds of dollars on products and the great majority did NOT meet my expectations. Everything was so expensive. My hair and skin was becoming high maintenance & I didn't like that. I started by trial & error making my own "concoctions" that would double as hair & skin moisturizer (just to try and save some money). I started giving jars away to my mom & best friend and they loved it. One morning, while playing kitchentian, I just felt a sense of peace & I felt so excited all of a sudden. I just felt the phrase, "if it's meant to be, everything else will fall into place." I called my mama and she said, "I think it's time to start your company." What I had was my "Epiphany" and what she gave was my "Confirmation." I started giving out more samples and I got really good reviews, and "Epiphany Frostings" was born.

What will one find at Epiphany Frosting?

I feel that each and every person who tries "Epiphany Frostings" will find something they can appreciate in it. You will find a product that looks like whipped frosting, but feels like silk against your skin. It doubles as both a hair and skin moisturizer. Most of the women that I meet are looking for something to give the perfect amount of moisture and shine but doesn't cost an arm and a leg.. No one likes cluttered closets, so with this product you get everything you're looking for all in one jar. It's something the whole family can use. I'm also offering a muscle and joint rub that may not cure your pain, but it will help to lessen the pain. The ingredients are all natural and I will add scent based on the individual's specifications, so you won't have to walk out of the house smelling like a medicine cabinet. I'll also offer a Total Body Care Oil again that can be used from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. This oil can be used as a massage oil, bath oil, moisturizer and in hot oil treatments.

Where do you hope to see the store a year from now?

A year from now, my goal is that "Epiphany Frostings" will be a household name. I want to know that people everywhere are using my product and their skin and hair is thriving because of it. I would love to be able to focus my attention full-time to the creation and preparation of new products. I plan to also expand my product line to offer all natural hair & body shampoos and conditioners and to also offer bath salts and soaps.

Anything else you’d like the readers to know?

No tree nuts will be harmed in the making of these products! lol I am severly allergic to nuts as well as so many others in the population. It can be daunting to find a product that doesn't include nut oils or butters. Because I want everyone to love this product as much as I do, each batch is made just the way you want it. This is like my baby. Everything I do is by hand, no mass production, so if you have a specific allergy and you express that to me, I will definitely take that into consideration when you place your order.

My review!
For me, a true test of a fabulous moisturizer is one that it not greasy and that you can still feel at least three days later. The aloe butter frosting that I tried was all that and more. I had Sonya blushing when I told her that the whipped texture very much reminded me of Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Cream. Of course, Sonya found that statement to be quite flattering.

When I first received my sample, I quickly opened it and the energizing smell of mint flooded the air. I was so tempted to dig in to the product for use on my old twists but waited until the weekend to use it on a fresh set of twists over alba leave-in conditioner and castor oil to seal in my moisture. I air dried and later used my homemad spritz to moisten and the fabulous frosting to twists. A moisture test for me is to squeeze my twist and see if I feel and see moisture on my fingers. With Sonya's frosting, I was still able to feel and see the moisture on day three, which was wonderful.


  1. Aww this was a lovely interview, she sounds so sweet.

  2. Sonya's creative spirit is inspiring! I can't wait to try Epiphany Frosting.