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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ten things about me!

I forgot to add a very important point. I was tagged by the fabulous NaturallyYanTan at http://naturallyyantan.blogspot.com

1. I'm a single mother to a nine-year old son.

2. I'm a dual homeowner. Condo at the age of 23 and house at the age of 28.

3. I have two degrees.

4. I've never been married (broke my engagement and bought the condo).

5. I terrified of snakes to the point of being phobic.

6. I worked in the same field, Information Technology, for 20 years.

7. I am 40 years old.

8. I'm obsessive in my research when it comes to things I'm passionate about.

9. I have very few friends and keep a small social circle.

10. I prefer to date younger men.

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  1. Thank you for sharing - that was very interesting. And girl... you don't look like nobody's 40! You better do the d@mn thang!

  2. Thanks jettiemae. You are too kind.

    I had a favorite aunt named Jettie that I loved dearly and miss so much.

    She taught me so much about cooking, gardening, and sewing.

  3. Hey hunn you have been tagged!!! Check out our blog !! ;-p


  4. You go girl ownership ! thats what Im talking about condo and home at such a young age , my hats off to you , what an inspiration!

  5. RHonnie- @ #10 - I do too! Dont we all!

  6. YanTan, so sorry I forgot the very important step of stating that you tagged me. I fixed it. :-)

    zainab1, It was a choice between the 1 bedroom box or the two bedroom townhouse. the box was $450 a month and the condo was $237. Hmmm! It was a bank foreclosure and I bought it making $9.85 per hour.

    Glad that I could be an inspiration.

    @ Nyla Coils? We didn't plan for it to be like this but they make it so hard to resist. :-)Quite a few have their life together more so than the one's my age sadly.